Thursday, January 11, 2007

Missing El Chino!

El Chino, aka Andres left today. He is en route to Nicaragua. He thinks he is half Swiss and half Tibetian, but he looks half Chinese and half Japanese. We had a great day yesterday and made really good money and celebrated with a fine dining experience. Now I appreciate eating out so much. It is such a pleasure to be served, to eat while sitting, to have a conversation other than how many avocados do we have left, ect...
Today it was empty and lonely in the cafe. Plus I got yelled by a customer who thought "i am a locco" (crazy) to say no smoking outside. Apparently, I can not ask people not to smoke and blow their smoke inside through the windows.. I am really crazy to stay here and we will see how long this will last.
The old owner of the place came again, to pick up some more stuff from the cafe. Since I didnt sign a list of equipment that I bought, she is coming in as she pleases and taking things...Today, I told her not to enter to MY premises!!!
Tom is working at one of the best restaurants in Montezuma and today he can not come..I had help in the morning but between 2 and 4, I was alone and it got so crazy...which is a good thing but it gets hectic with no clean glasses, running between the kitchen and the cafe....SCRATCH THAT...TOM JUST GOT HERE AND SAID HE QUIT HIS JOB AND WE ARE OPEN AGAIN!!! Got to go and work!!!!

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Naturally Connected said...

I can totally apprecaite your experience with the smokers. The Ticos (staff) would smoke outside our classrooms at UPEACE and the smoke came right through the open windows and it used to drive us crazy. They finally instituted a no smoking policy on campus this year and it caused a lot of commotion as the discussions were taking place.

I was just doing a search on the web for vegetarian vacations and came across this event in Montezuma that you might want to know about.