Wednesday, January 17, 2007

in san jose

Mama arrived yesterday at 10:00 pm...It was so great to see her and hug her...I had tears and it is strange that all these years, she came to san francisco multiple times but I never felt this happy...after being here for two months, absolutely alone with no friends, family took a new meaning in my life. I got a new understanding and appreciation and can not wait to cherish it as much as I can. Good news, she got a visa good for 3 months, usually it is one month, so I will try to convince her to stay longer....but dont know if my living situation will be acceptable by her...

It is really small here in Costa Rica. I saw the taxi driver who gave me a ride when was in San Jose a month ago at the airport...People are in general very very friendly. But there are a ton of jerks, just like everywhere else so you better be careful not to smile too much...I've learned that really fast!

Right now we are in the hotel and is so nice to browse the net and not to think about the cafe, though I am collecting new ideas for recipes and checking ingredients...We went out for a typical breakfast this morning and Mom thought, this part of San Jose reminded her the Mission in San Francisco...It reminds me of Istanbul more but she disagrees...

I am uploading some pictures to Flickr! Check back soon!

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ozanekin said...

Hey kido... miss you a bunch! Ekin and I want to visit one of these months!!! I hope all is well and lots of love!! :)))

Ozan & Ekin