Saturday, January 13, 2007

Introducing very banana split...

Super sweet organic bananas with homemade banana ice-cream (non-dairy,
non-soy, no sugar, but totally not a sorbet) with our own Hersley's
SUCK chocolate sauce, Tom's special!

Today was a good day, i got to laugh a lot and we made a killer new
drink...Starfruit Gallactica! Marakuya (passionfruit) is still my
favorite but starfruit is pretty good too...will see how it goes

Tom also made a watermelon-tomato gazpacho from the Raw Food bible. It
is soooo good. We used Jose's trick and added 3 cubes of beets and it
is my favorite color...PURPLE!

At the internet cafe, typing the menu....It is so hard to keep up with
the menu, changes, prices, new items, stuff that doesnt sell...a.k.a I
LOVE GREEN and PURPLE Salad:))) Purple and green cabbage.....It is
really good but these people don't get it...I am not going to fuss
over it:)))

We are selling iced chai and frosty ice coffee the most...

Andres, no worries, you are on the drink menu already with your Sandia
Milk Shake and I miss you very much:((((

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