Monday, January 01, 2007

Feliz Anyos!

It is 40 degrees and hot outside. The town is very very very busy. There is no vacancy anywhere...and I am closed for today, a decision made late night thanks to Andreas and his father. I was so tired and ready to go home but they asked me to eat dinner with them and since its been a while since I ate in a social environment, I said yes. We ate at this little argentinians place, italian food, very good vegetarian lasagna and best papaya juice (later I learn they add sugar!)....Then we watched the people scream like crazy, dance, celebrate...I dont know why...what are we celebrating? Right after midnight, I was lucky and got a safe ride back home.
I made only one New Year's resolution this year and that is to get organized. I am tired of clutter and it is following me everywhere I go!!!! I had an orange, a mango, cash, coins, letters, postcard, cell phone, batteries, tooth brush, business cards from various people I met, calculator, emergency C, 3 get the idea...
Today a group of 8 is coming for dinner at 7pm. We are doing walnut-lentil pate, organico salad, thai curry and brown rice and avocado ice-cream. I also have a lemonade special with passion fruit, is fantastic! Also I met a food photographer, Charlie and he showed up right when I finished a special order cake and he took some amazing photos. He is coming today to take pictures of the food.
I managed to get fresh coconuts from the beach and we are selling it in the shell. I am buying 5 a day and it is going really well.
May all beings be happy and in peace. There is a 40 day silent retreat that is starting in January 4th. I miss to be silent...


Marc S said...

May 2007 be a year of wonders and miracles for The Baking Fairy and Organico.

I just caught up on the blog and it's great to have your regular updates again. Such a sense of excitement, adventure, hard work, love and passion!

Feliz Anyos!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Baking Fairy,

Happy New Year from the SF Bay Area.