Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A fine dinner

with mama, senor jose and armando...candle lights, lots of gossip and
our festival salad with sprouted lentils, raw hummus and avocado-lime
dressing...Jose approved the raw hummus and could not believe it didnt
have any garbanzos, (had soaked cashews!)

if you eat only fruits during the day and take your large meal with a
salad and sprouted grains at night, you feel more energetic....per
jose....and it is really true! Mama is trying this tomorrow...will
report the progress...it is really hard for me to try it 100% as I am
testing most of the stuff we make and bake, but even with some cooked
food, I already have so much more energy...Just passing on a
tip...internet cafe is closed, so got to go to home!

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