Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Going up and down...

I was off yesterday and spent most of the day on the beach...I love
water, I love to swim and just hang out on the beach on the sand...It
just harder now to get back to the 6 am 8pm work days...there is so
much to do...today my beloved mixer broke down...twice...while making
hummus and while making a Berrymisu..Expenses, expenses, expenses....

I am trying to sell desserts to a small restaurant. I made one
tiramisu and one costa rican twist, berrymisu..Now, someone needs to
figure out how much they costed and how much I will sell...

We run out of things constantly...I guess that is a good thing, but
also having too many ingredients is also not a good idea. Last week, I
ran out of bread (wholewheat and seeds) and bought so much and this
week the town is empty and we have tons of bread...Bread pudding is on
the way:))) I miss Tartine's in San Francisco...

Great news, mom is coming next week. That means I get to go to the
CITY!!!!!!!!! I am not going to fly, instead I want the long bus ride
so I can listen to music, sleep and just do nothing...I will also see
Daniel...An amazing healer I met in San Jose. Something to look
forward to...

Larry's Crepes are selling really well...They are vegan and very easy
to make. Wholewheat flour, salt, olive oil, water and a little syrup.

This weeks special drink is Passion Fruit Lemonade. Hmmm, what
else....The other night at dinner with Gina, Jon, Niko and Andres, our
waiter came up to me and said, aren't you the owner of Organico???? It
was a fine moment....

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