Sunday, January 21, 2007


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- I am sad today, it was Tom's last day. I am not sure how I will
find help, but here is my request from San Antonio...someone who is
vegetarian, vegan would be fantastic, has some experience with cafes,
restaurants and loves pink. Tom is such a funny guy, he said one day,
'you probably don't want any guys in this restaurant' since I have
everything in pink and hearts...:)))
- I got an email from Andres. He is in Nicaragua and started to learn
spanish. I am so jealous. I barely have time to learn any spanish...
- Water pipe broke down again...
- 2nd blender broke down again...
- We are out of chai, hummus, veggie burgers, tamales, chocolate ice-cream...
- I am making my own almond milk...I really don't want to have milk on
the menu...The best shake ever is Pina-Banana-Almond Milk...It is

Manana no trabahar! Vacassion!!!!

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