Sunday, May 24, 2009

New moon....

New Moon in Gemini
Sunday, May 24, 2009
5:11am PDT
3º 27'
©2009 Lisa Dale Miller
All rights reserved

We are what we think.
All that we are arises with our thoughts.
With our thoughts we make the world.
Speak or act with a pure mind,
and happiness will follow you
as your shadow, unshakeable.

How can a troubled mind understand the way?
Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much
as your own thoughts unguarded.
But once mastered,
no one can help you as much,
not even your father or your mother.

Buddha (from the Dhammapada, translated by Thomas Byron)

Gemini rules information: its gathering and dissemination. Gemini represents knowledge of the material plane of existence, which is made up of binary information bits; a digital landscape of 0's and 1's. Gemini rules the mind and our thought processes. This is the New Moon for all of us to reclaim our mental space; to set limits on what gets our attention, and to carefully examine how our current diet of information is affecting our lives. As you may have noticed, our world is suffering from a bad case of close-mindedness fueled by fear, hatred and delusion. Concurrently, we are also suffering from information overload. Our lives have become a roller coaster of good news one day, bad news the next, and a constant need to deal with the ensuing manic reactions that follow both extremes.

Gemini's symbol is the twins, but they are not identical; they represent the broad spectrum of experience and therefore oppose one another. However, their shared transcendent source makes them identical. Gemini allows us to realize the truth that all things, which appear different on the surface, share a fundamental sameness.

On this New Moon we can work toward opening the mind to a diverse range of new ideas, while maintaining a perspective rooted in the principles of generosity (Jupiter in Aquarius) and responsibility to serve (Saturn in Virgo). Though retrograde Mercury in Taurus is not great for open-mindedness, Venus and Mars in Aires are all about trying new things. Neptune/Chiron/North Node/Jupiter in lightning-fast Aquarius can make a steady mind difficult to achieve, these planets make for a brainstorming opportunity bar none. If you find yourself feeling pulled in a thousand different directions simultaneously, this is the source. Do what you can to reign yourself in intellectually and verbally, while allowing the play of ideas free reign to take you places you might not otherwise go. If you make your living in high tech, communication, politics, education, or new media, these aspects are incredible for brainstorming sessions or meetings to forge new creative or professional relationships.

Gemini, with its love of communication, makes this New Moon a good one to work on opening up around areas of our lives that have been mired in conflict and misunderstanding. Even with Mercury retrograde in obstinate, opinionated Taurus, the Sun/Moon conjunction in Gemini and all the planets in Aries and Aquarius, help us realize we can talk openly and we can find the right words. We can be inspired to open up to new ideas. We can relax and let our words be a force for healing and transformation.

Gemini is best symbolized by flexibility, changeability, and adaptation, and this is the New Moon to cultivate these qualities and incorporate them into our daily lives. When strong winds and hard rains come, the supple trees bend and sway with the each gust. It is only the hardened, stiff trees that break and fall. When we harden our hearts and minds, plant our feet and become immovable, we set ourselves up for failure. To survive the gusts of hatred and fear, we must open our minds and create useful dialogue. Fear makes us stiffen up and go rigid.

As you know, all New Moons are a time to initiate new goals, ideas, and desires. Mercury, Gemini's ruler, shows itself in our thoughts, ideas, and our ability to learn. Gemini rules the gathering of knowledge, an inherently open-systems process, that requires us to reach far and wide to get as much data as possible, even opening our minds to perspectives we might normally dismiss. If you are in a researching phase, this is the time to get help and gather as much information as you can about new endeavors. The New Moon in Gemini calls on each of us to open up, talk about it (whatever it is), and open ourselves to feedback.

This is the New Moon to work on your communication skills. Learning how to communicate effectively creates successful relationships. Mars in Aries tends to make us self-centered, impulsive and overly excited about our own ideas and desires. So try warming up to the idea that you are not the center of the universe and your great ideas might get better with some good 'ol Gemini teamwork. It's just not all about you! So open yourself to the perspective of the other. What harm would it do if you chose to see the other side or walked a mile in someone else's shoes? We must all find a way to talk through our disagreements. Walking away in anger never solves anything. Learn to recognize your anger: stop, stay, be quiet, and then speak from a calm rationality and not from the rage.

This is the right New Moon to communicate your wishes, dreams and desires to those who can aid your progress. The truth is, no one does it completely alone and learning to ask for help at the right time is one of life's hardest lessons. Over the next two weeks as the Moon waxes to fullness, try to really hear what those around you have to say about your wishes, and take their advice to heart. Honest and clear communication is a two-way street and the best way to achieve a successful outcome for all.

Of course for those of you who make your living in the communications/publishing field, this is the best time to initiate new projects in film, video, TV, publishing, and writing. Deal with your fear and just get the work out there!

One last thing, Gemini rules change. This is the best night to work on managing your fear of change. Everything changes; it is the nature of Maya, the field of relativity. When we ride the changes and make surfing the waves of change a vehicle for success, we actualize the highest expression of Gemini. This is the New Moon to celebrate the power knowledge holds to broaden our perspective and open our minds!

©2009 Lisa Dale Miller
All rights reserved

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