Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Juices and Remedies


It is fascinating to me to discover health benefits of veggies and help friends. One common theme is stomach pain, and what to do with it.
Here is the remedy! Plain old cabbage...juiced! It cures ulcers within a few days. You can make your own cabbage juice with half a cup of cabbage to a cup of water and blend for a few minutes. Then, drink this juice at once, without straining. It is not delicious but it is not nasty like Noni. Also, it can be improved with a few leaves of fresh mint, parsley and basil, even celery. It is super cheap and effective.

You can drink as much as you like, but I found that most people do 3 cups a day, 4-10 days. Of course, eliminating the factors that caused your ulcer in the first place is the most important step. That includes changing your diet, avoiding foods that irritate your ulcer (fats, salt).
Sorry no more fried food for a while but you will be healed.

Looking into stress, anxiety and anger are also important. Exercise, anything that makes your heart beat, going to a walk, yoga, running, hooping, biking, dancing...but not power shopping or strolling with your lover. Breathing helps a lot. Try it...give your body the time to heal. Take it easy. No coffee or smoking...but no more pain.

Cabbage is also used a lot for digestive benefits. A cup of blended cabbage juice contains millions of friendly bacteria that aids digestion. My friend Viktoras, swears by cabbage juice and drinks his own elixir everyday. Anything that aids your digestive system is good. We want to move the waste fast from our system and help our body suck the good vitamins and the nutrients.

Here is his recipe for the Kimchi, a little time consuming, but I swear it tastes great.

For more medicinal uses of cabbage, check out Earth Clinic...

More details on Wikipedia and use of cabbage to cure the ulcer.

More scientific research on this on Google.
One word of caution, cabbage is not recommended if you have thyroid problems. I do and I try to stay away from it, but if you stomach pain, you can try a cure for a few days with one glass a day instead of 3 glasses and see how you feel. Please be smart about your health choices and don't give your power away by listening to others. It is very important to take charge of your own health. You know your body best.

Tons of nutrition information from World's Healthiest Foods. Great site.
And more...here...

I am happy to do more research, if you have any questions. There must be a natural remedy out there for anything. Migraine pain is next, actually. I have very dear friends here who have asked me about it...

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