Thursday, May 14, 2009

travel like a princess!

Feeling nervous about going home, but I guess that is normal, getting out of my comfort zone, not easy. Obviously, I need to learn to delegate work, trust people and work on organizing myself, more than staying in and trying to do everything alone. Plus, my sister needs me, she is getting engaged so no better reason to learn how to be a child and enjoy the tantrums. Better have my fixes! I do want to protest the engagement party as we will be serving meat, so need some followers and a shirt that says "note to the bride: wish i could be at your wedding"- turkey chick"

This is what I will be consuming in the next 36 hours:

nori strips
flax chips
dried fruit and nuts
green plus chocolate bars
cacao nibs
apple chips

Ipods, one loaded with grey's anatomy and feast of love, other full of the same old music i listen everyday

Doodling Notebook:
more t-shirt cartoon ideas...travelling vegan on board series, Wheatgrass Junkie Adventures

Walking the Tiger, Peter Levine

a room of her own, V. Woolf

A Silent Ark, Juliet Gellatley

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