Thursday, March 27, 2008


Everything takes time here, toooooo long. I am not a patient person
and I know I need to be a little more tranquila, but it is damn
difficult to become a tortuga..Excuse my spanglish! I have a new space
that I want to turn into a lounge, juice bar and its been a month that
we are trying to get it going. It is so hard to work alone and
everyone on the other side...I still don't know when to scream, so
instead I continue to shout at the ocean and scream underwater and box
with the air...It is not helping...AHhghghghhg! My sister today told
me that I am fighting against the universe and pushing things too
hard, instead of accepting the reality that I don't belong here...She
is right...I really want to go home. Yes!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

another day

My dad is still in the hospital, no word on when he can go home. He
got the operation, so now we are waiting for him to recover. Sending
my love and peace to him everyday and I am sad that I am here and cant
be there for a few days. I need to be close to home. Note to
self...Next Organico, within the same national borders of my family!
Por FAVOR! :)

I got up, went for a run/walk/strech/tan, all at the same time. It is
soo hot right now, the minute I wake up, there is no way to go back to
sleep...I dont remember last year being this hot...Maybe I am more
aware of things now then last year...

After the run, I came home and made coffee and breakfast! I am
grateful these days that I have my mornings to myself..I take time to
hangout in my new home, I have some new pics on flickr) and write,
draw, think, swing in the hammock and be lazy...Then slowly I head to
the cafe and talk to people, make a smoothie for myself and check my
emails...Not too bad...

Nights are a little lonely, even with my little prince and I have to
admit and I have been on the border of feeling depressed, super happy,
one day up, one day down, sleepless nights but at the end of the day
everything is impermament. Taking things as they are, not having
expectations and being happy for being...I am is is hard to accept but that is all we have to do to find
bliss...This place is magical to show you the truth...Trust,
friendship, love...Harm, ego, jealousy...I try to be on my own...or
until I met someone like my little prince. He makes the world go
upside down, only with a smile. Sooooo cute!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I've been tagged. Here's my entry.

Here are the rules of this tag:

A. Post these rules at the beginning of the blog entry
B. Answer the questions about yourself
C. Tag 5 people, let them know in a comment on their blogs that they have been tagged.

Whew. Here we go....

What were you doing 10 yrs ago?
1998, I was still in school, working part-time for Procter and Gamble and thinking about getting married within a year or so...Wow...

Snacks I enjoy

* Plantain Chips
* Chocolate
* Pistachios

Five things on my to-do list today

* Bake cookies
* Buy pillows
* Pick-up cheese for Organico from Cobano
* Call my mom to check on dad
* Check emails and photos on Facebook

Things I would do if I became a billionaire

* Open Organico all around the world next to McDonalds
* Clean Montezuma Beaches
* Open a Creativity Center and let people go crazy
* Install lights all around Montezuma
* Bring my family here

3 bad habits

* Thinking too much
* Chocolate
* Not respecting others opinions and decisions

5 places I have lived

* Istanbul
* San Francisco, CA
* Menlo Park, CA
* Montezuma, Costa Rica

Jobs I have had

* Receptionist
* Research Assitant
* Baker
* and some other corporate jobs that lead me to my dream life now...

Things people don’t know about me

* I listen to the same song on repeat forever....1000 times? maybe more...

Thank you Christine, for tagging me...

Friday, March 07, 2008


My mom went back home on a last minute call from home, my dad is in the hospital. He has an infection in his liver and needs to have an operation next week. I am feeling sad and lonely here in Montezuma and I will do a trip home to see my dad soon.

Business is ok, I lost my motivation to do anything, I don't know why I am here, what I am doing and I feel helpless to my family.

I took today off and went to the Natural Reserve with a friend.

It was amazing to be in the jumgle and hike 5 kilometers each way. This park is the first national reserve in Costa Rica and it was farmed before. Two foreigners worked on to bring it to its original state and now you can not believe the huge trees birds. The nature is facinating. We went to the ocean and ate lunch (mostly cookies and mango) and made a sand castle...He even convinced me to ride on his ATV and after the accident it was my first time but I did it!!!

I came back to the cafe around 4 pm and baked my favorite cake, chocolate-coconut vegan cake! I love baking. I am really happy when I bake!

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Long Due

Its been a really long time and I managed to login to my blogger account. All is going well, my birthday and after celebration all went amazing, the cafe is busy and I am so happy to get calls from people overseas asking for reservations! (it only happened once!)...

Cafe is doing well but I am overwhelmed with the amount of work, two people leaving and totally burned out friends. It stressed me so much last week, I exploded on two of my friends and created a total drama. It sucks and I apologized but I have to learn to do business with friends or decide not to do it. I lost another employee because I don't know how to handle the situation. There is so much work and i don't know where to start...

In the meantime, I signed a lease with additional space and got the office in between the kitchen and the cafe. I have so many new ideas but slowly...

The most amazing thing these days, is the birth of five kittens from our cat Maya. It was my first time seeing a birth and everyday they are growing and becoming cuter and cuter...I love to get two of them for my house but I am not sure if I can handle more responsibility...

News from the menu....I am so happy to get Rice Paper Rolls to the menu and they are selling amazing. I am selling breakfast and lunch the most and very few baked stuff so i had to discontinue the baking section until i get a better grasp of things. It sucks that I have to stop baking for business and focus, but I need to learn to be flexible...


This is what I intended to post couple of weeks ago...Finally!!

I am back! I had a terrible accident last Sunday and fell off from a
quad. Luckily, I still have everything in place and got nasty blue
spots and a couple open wounds. Considering what could have happened,
I feel grateful to this opportunity to sit back and thank my angels.
Today I was able to get out of the house by myself, so that also feels
very good. Too bad we could not go out for my birthday party but I had
a lot fun and friends kept visiting every single minute. The whole
thing just opened my eyes...I was working from 7 in the morning to 10
at night again, exhausted, ect...And of course you start to make bad
decisions, poor judgements and it hits you at the very unexpected
moment. I was rushing to get things done as fast as I could....Really
stupid! I just want to pass on my understanding of how life goes,
don't take anything too serious, and have fun. If you are not having
fun, make a change as fast as you can. Life is too short and we have
no control at all!

Also, good news, we are still up and running in the cafe and
they are doing a fantastic job so I really didn't have to worry about
anything but rest. Aloe Vera (Sabila) also helped a lot with the
wounds and we have sooo much fresh here. I am thankful to my angel
friends here so all is good, I am happy.