Friday, March 07, 2008


My mom went back home on a last minute call from home, my dad is in the hospital. He has an infection in his liver and needs to have an operation next week. I am feeling sad and lonely here in Montezuma and I will do a trip home to see my dad soon.

Business is ok, I lost my motivation to do anything, I don't know why I am here, what I am doing and I feel helpless to my family.

I took today off and went to the Natural Reserve with a friend.

It was amazing to be in the jumgle and hike 5 kilometers each way. This park is the first national reserve in Costa Rica and it was farmed before. Two foreigners worked on to bring it to its original state and now you can not believe the huge trees birds. The nature is facinating. We went to the ocean and ate lunch (mostly cookies and mango) and made a sand castle...He even convinced me to ride on his ATV and after the accident it was my first time but I did it!!!

I came back to the cafe around 4 pm and baked my favorite cake, chocolate-coconut vegan cake! I love baking. I am really happy when I bake!


Anonymous said...

I hope your father get well soon.

Colorful said...

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