Sunday, May 24, 2009

What makes us happy?

Great article/research..

It is all in our minds. When we want to be happy, our mind knows what to do, but rather we do have a secret love affair with misery, pain, sadness. We, I mean, I...I can't speak of us yet. I like to generalize, makes the issues easier to digest. The ability to see the big picture is damn hard, I find myself lost in the little crumbs of leftovers..From the research, one of the participants, says this:

However, I have an overriding sense (or philosophy) that it's all a big nothing—or 'chasing after wind' as it says in Ecclesiastes & therefore, at least up to the present, nothing has caused me too much grief"  though ranked one of the happiest, he died at the age of 64.

It is not about how long we live, who can say  78, or 95 would be happier? Lives spent in fear, anxiety, dreadful waiting, waiting for the next meal, next lover, next friend, next vacation, next house, next child..... lives without freedom, joy, urge to jump from bed to smell the flowers, knowing your heart, feeling at peace, breathing...I long for that space...breathing at peace, knowing I am where I am, without the fear of loneliness or death. This is the journey, and sure pit stops are necessary.

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