Monday, November 20, 2006

New Beginning!

It was a productive morning....I hired my first employee...She is awesome and hopefully will stay with me for a while. There is a lot of turnover here but she was with the old owner for at least 2 years. I also posted a job on Craigslist Costa Rica...If you know anyone who speaks spanish and english, pass my information please!
Wendy also mentioned me on her blog...I need to get going with the website...Wendy works for the same company I worked for in the US, and I just met her before I came here. She stayed in Costa Rica for a year. She is now back in the US. I am so sad I missed her stay...
I am having hard time deciding on the menu, today Dagmar and I had a conversation about Coke...I dont want to have Coke but I need money too...It is already a lot of changes with a vegetarian menu and no smoking (everyone smokes here) but I should also make it work without coke...I can do sparkling water with fresh fruit juices...Something bubbly but the Izze drinks in the States!
I wonder if I will be in copyright trouble with naming my drinks, but they remind my name more:)))
Morozzy (blackberry)
Papazzy (papaya)
Cocozzy (coconut)
I need to focus...There is so much I can do, but I can´t do everything at once. I need to do some basic shopping for salad bowls for example and more importantly i need a basic program to help me with cost and waste management. Any tips would be great!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Oz,

Just checking to see how you're doing. Good to see you're having an interesting time, and safe :)