Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rain rain rain...making friends...

>From last night...

Right now, it is raining cats and dogs..I am not sure if this is even called rain (meteorologist friends, please help). It is sooo strong and really loud and scary. I am already scared of many things new to me here, and rain is the latest addition to the list.

So, I thought I should write more, just to keep myself busy and tell you whats going on here...Today, I was in town, pretty much doing the same routine, had breakfast at the cafe, walked around, read on the beach, checked email, booked my trip to San Jose, ect. Then, I saw a friend of Nadjas and she was having trouble with her car alarm. I stayed with them and played with her son. Luckily Ticos are experts on cars. People rely on each other here a lot, it feels like a big family which is nice...I am totally out of that circle at the moment and maybe that is why I feel even more alone... The owner of the Bakery Cafe, (a vegetarian establishment in Montezuma) was helping her, so I got to meet him and we started chatting. Of course the question of what I am doing there came up and I told him about my plans. Not sure if I was able to read him well, but there was no sign of "competitor!!!! beware" on his face. He was rather friendly and nice to me.

I missed my 6pm bus hanging out with them so I decided to have dinner by myself and  went to a very cool but cold place. Strike uno: The owner thinks he is doing a favor by letting you in the restaurant. I got vegetarian fajitas and there was no guacamole with it. Yes, they had salsa, beans, sour cream and tortillas...Now come on, no guacamole and no rice...and he asked me what I think of the dish and I told him straight that he should have guacamole with fajitas...What do you think he would make the dish too wrong...that was strike 2...the last one is a killer and I am not going back there...they didnt have any dessert...NO NO NO!

The only thing that was good about dinner was, I saw the owner of the bakery again, luis, and we had dinner together. He then got me a drink and I rushed back to the bus. By this time it was raining so bad, I was already soaked and praying my computer and DS is safe in my backpack...(yes they were, go North Face) but, there was no bus...Buses stop working in Montezuma if it is raining really bad, since they cant make the steep hills..Yucky....and there I was, absolutely shocked to hear that there will not be any bus for the night. I wouldnt mind walking if it was during the day, it takes 15 mins max but at night it is pitch black and I am dead scared to walk...I saw Luis come with a big umbrella and he walked me home. Good thing that I had my headlight...So we walked up in the rain and I just remembered my time at the Vipasanna course in December where it rained 7 of the 10 days. I knew I was being trained for something vigorous there. It is heaven to be home and safe.

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