Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ice-cream machine that sucks!

Hmmm, future holds not much freedom, even with our ice-cream! Check out the "Voice-stress ice-cream dispenser". The machine is programmed to serve more portions for sad. The spaceship to the moon will certainly have one of these and what will be next, a machine that tells you what flavor you need when you are sad???? I want my chocolate, no matter what, when and how sad I am.


Michel Gingras said...

Anti sadness flavor huh? Butterscotch ripple for me please... But how can I be certain? Can I fake being/hitting rock bottom and test different flavors out? I'm afraid that I will still be 33.45% happy when I test out flavors... will I be gustatorily protected when the dark times come???? :P

Organico said...

that is the thing...i can tell what flavor you need and you don't even need to talk:)pineapple...:) and definitely you sound like a no-papaya man:)