Sunday, September 02, 2007

a beautiful day

I went to pick up my passport to the DHL office. There was a nice song on the radio and I asked the guy if he knew the song. He said his name was Mana and he could make me a copy of the CD. I could not believe it, random stranger offering me to make a copy of the CD. Such a nice heart and too bad I was leaving next Tuesday. In a few moments, I even imagined going to the store and buying the CD- totally pre-paid for the CD-mentally:)

To my surprise, he said he can make it by Monday and give it to me if I am in area! I was so touched! You have no idea how much sleep I lost over good friends telling me to go and buy CDs. So once again, life is really worth enjoying every moment, and not knowing what is in the corner and the beautiful connections we make with each other. Exciting and juicy! So, be happy! Speaking of juicy, I had the most weird vegetable for dinner last night. It is called here "horse balls" and tastes like cow brain. Apparently it was good for the liver but I could not eat it, very rare that I don't like a vegetable. Karl didn't eat it, either and it made me feel better:)

It is T-2 days before I go home, but my mom today told me that I will be home Thursday. I am leaving Tuesday and it is taking me 2 days to get home. I have 10 hours of a wonderful wait in Amsterdam. Anyone wanna meet me there? I can bring cookies!

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country girl said...

Enjoy your time at home.