Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Going to New Zealand

is so difficult, for the last two weeks I have been trying to get a visa from the NZ consulate. The amount of documents, the details they ask for is incredible and the money we spent to get everything done is close to a Istanbul-Europe ticket. I am not even counting the time and the energy my dad spent to get everything done, including a trip to Ankara since New Zealand doesn't have a consulate in ─░stanbul. And today I got my visa! Super happy! For only ten minutes. First they told me only today that I have to get a visa from Dubai, since I have a stopover there but it is an easy visa, you can get it at the airport...Then the bomb dropped. I also need a visa from Australia. What the F? I could not believe it, I don't even have a stopover in Australia. Apparently, I need a transit visa for going over their air space. Can any sane human being explain me the logic behind this?
In the end, my flight is on Sunday. I already bought the ticket, the embassy doesn't work Fridays and I have one day to get the visa. It will happen if its meant to be, if not, I am going to be sad, really sad!

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SaRp said...

heyo! san jose'de hostelin birinde rastladigim zoom nicoya peninsula dergisinde organik gida ile ilgili yazini okudum, cok guzel, tebrik ederim. seyahatin icin de ayrica sans dilerim. im gonna eat right now to feel happier, sexier, full of energy and at peace with myself :-) tk care