Wednesday, September 05, 2007

from Amsterdam

The noodle place at the Airport is fantastic. Very small place, they
have only 6 items on the menu, one vegetarian. I am going to do this
dish at Organico. Noodles, wakame, snap peas, corn and sprouts. It is
so good and easy too. I am already considering to have the same soup
for dinner too. I am here at the airport for 10 hours and it is about
enough time to go through the stores and catch up with the new
technology. 7.2 meg digital cameras on sale? Wow!

I am going to pass on dinner though, I realized the soup costs 14
Euro, about 17 dollars, what??? This is sooo expensive, This might
explain the huge line at McDonalds upstairs, People rushing over for
cheap and tasty plastic.

I am heading over to duty-free to buy my dessert, Smarties! Yes, my
all time beloved Smarties, next to a huge M&M stand, M&Ms are just too
fake next to Smarties. Sigh!

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