Sunday, September 23, 2007

Going to New Zealand-FOR REAL!

I am at the airport. 2 minutes ago, the agent at the ticket counter told me that New Zealand doesnt accept my visa! What? After a few minutes, they figured that the embassy here spelt my last name wrong and they had to override the visa system....After the check in, I went to the passport control and the police stopped me since I didnt pay the tax for going abroad. I totally forgot about it since in the last 7 years, I was working in the US. My sister was all excited that I was going to cancel the trip and stay with her!

I paid $15 to go out for vacation and all is good now, I am going to Dubai, staying there overnight, complements of Emirates and then flying to Australia and then to Auckland. Many hours of flight but totally worth it...I am going here and then here.


Anonymous said...

Have fun. I loved living there, and keep going back to visit!

Anonymous said...

Hello Ozlem! Let me know the best places to visit there, because going to NZ is on my list before I leave this earth! Have great adventures and meet wonderful people and eat some fantastic food and then tell me all about it when you have the time! Hugs! Nan

zeya said...

Came here from Fernando. Have a nice trip in NZ. Keep us informed about all the places you see and all the things you eat.

menekşe'nin güncesi said...

sevgili fairy,

bloğunuzu cenk'in yazısı sayesinde buldum ve çok beğendim :)

ingilizcemi ilerletebilmem için büyük bir fırsat :)

gözüm her daim üzerinizde



the.cagatay said...

cesaret ve sabrin icin tebrik ederim. insallah tatilin guzel ve mutlu gecer.