Saturday, July 28, 2007

travelling kitchen

I have been out of touch with a good reason. I discovered how amazing food we have in Organico-and how other travelling veggies must be feeling when they get to the cafe! Brown rice, almond milk and vegan baked stuff do not exist here. I am surprised and happy....
On the road though, we suffered...We could not find one decent restaurant, no avocados, no fresh squeezed orange juice, no whole grains...So, we had to have our own travelling kitchen...I am not sure if I should write all that we carried on our backpacks (I felt like a turtle) because in the end Reina and I agreed that we are extremely obsessive...I will write some of the stuff we carried and you tell me what you think...
1. Curry Powder, I add it to anything.
2. Cardamom, especially good with coffee.
3. Wakame
4. Lemon
5. Granola
6. Almonds, walnuts
7. Mango
8. Dark Chocolate
9. Soy cookies
10. Soy sauce
On one of the nights we stayed at this nice hot springs with a fancy restaurant in San Carlos and we took our wakame, soy sauce and avocados to the table. The waiter was puzzled, mostly because we took our groceries to make a salad and also we ordered french fries with that...Yeah, I still love french fries.
Highly recommended hot springs:
Total disappointment:


Sassy said...

In the past 6 months Jeff and I have done a lot of cruising (for his job -- I know, tough gig!!). We always manage to JUUUUUST scrape by with the food on the ships because we bring our little arsenal of foods and flavorings. These include Bragg's Liquid Aminos, nutritional yeast, sea salt (I despise table salt), McDougall's dried soups, peanut butter, organic jelly, and bars to snack on. I'm so happy to be home right now where I can play in my kitchen anytime I want. Hang in there, Ozlem -- we're rooting for you!! ;O)

Anonymous said...

We usually go cycling on Sundays, somewhere North of Toronto or Mississauga. We take our salad to cafes when we need a break. We carry;large bowl,tomatoes,extra virgin olive oil,organic vinegar,avocado, olives.And water, orange juice, unroasted nuts..
Of course, we order but almost impossible to find something fresh on menus in small towns..
Not: Ohh, no cycling today. We are cooking ,with olive oil, fresh fava beans and dill(bakla), fresh romano beans(barbunya), eggplants .. and watching DUNE

Nihan said...

I am telling you, your food is really special and unique and not only for Costa Rica. I would die to have a restaurant here in Istanbul that has food half good as your food.