Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Latest and greatest

Microwave made its way to the kitchen. I hate it. I never used it and
didn't want it there but heating stuff is so difficult and I have to
turn the oven on and off all the time just for one apple pie or a
cake. And the electricity bill has been really high in the last couple
of months so I am trying to cut costs...But everyday I realize how
hard it is to stick to your values, keep resisting to other's trying
to influence you. Is microwave really an energy saver? I don't eat
anything out from the microwave, I don't feel good serving things from
the microwave, Larry even says, stay away from it as much as you can
to minimize damage...That's it! I am not going to have a microwave in
the kitchen. I just have to serve everything room temperature. I am
tired of trying to please everyone, and if you want good healthy food,
here it is, luke warm. Come'on people, it is already boiling hot
outside, why should we heat the apple pie???? Why did I not think
about this before, I don't know...Microwave is gone. Wow, I have made
an executive decision! In the meantime, why do I serve eggs? I don't
even taste eggs anymore....Veganize Ozlem, veganize! Soon:)


Lane Collins said...

Maybe you should have a toaster oven. They use less energy to heat up since they're smaller than a normal oven.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dear Baking Fairy! I agree with Lane's comment. Perhaps it is possible for you to invest in two tabletop toaster ovens (one on top of the other to save space in your cozy kitchen? That could also save you time, money and energy. Maybe there are some new and used ones waiting for you to purchase them in San Jose? I believe there are models with a convection device added for faster baking/heating(?) Wishing you a quick, yet safe solution to your heated pie dilemma! ;) Nan

Anonymous said...

i think that you might well end up going broke if you don't adapt yourself a little bit more to the reality of running a business, especially in in a place like costa rica.