Monday, March 26, 2007

A new chef and banana-peanut butter ice-cream...

Life is like a big ocean for me these days...Some days I am up and
surfing the wave, some days, I am deep down is really fun
and interesting. I have 4 people working for me...It is even
surprising to me to see how things change this fast...

and I have a new chef, a true "celebrity" chef, from LA...I met him at
the cafe on my first week and he has been helping me every once in a
while, showing me tricks, ect...Though I wanted him to work at
Organico, he was always too lazy to commit to a "job"...Now, he is
cooking at nights and I am open for dinner...He is also really cute
and funny, so it helps to have someone to laugh with, someone a little

Last night we served 28 dinners, full house with a live drums and fire
show....Friday and Saturday all my tables were full at some point...It
is really working and I am happy...

We made banana-peanut butter ice-cream yesterday....really yummy!

Blend 6 super ripe bananas with 1/2 cup of peanut butter or more if
you are peanut butter fan...add a dash of vanilla and freeze in the
machine...super easy and tasty!


Thang said...

I'm glad things are slowly working out for you. It sounds like a great life adventure already. Hope to see you someday :)

Carla & Bruce said...

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