Thursday, March 08, 2007

Fruit for breakfast!

I wish more farmers understood the importance of organic produce. How important it is to eat chemical free food not only for our physical health but also mental health, too. We spend very little time thinking about what happens after we swallow...Eating is the most real thing we do for our survival, so we can do the things we love, let it be vacationing on the beach, writing screenplays or singing or dancing or whatever you are passionate or destined to do... Eating good food, fresh and organic food prepared with love, is the sign of your self respect, your commitment to your well being and to your comminity as a creative, productive human being.

I get into these arguments with friends all the time, how boring it is to eat "fresh fruit" for breakfast everyday...No it is not. It is refresing, fullfilling and energizing...Then the next question, indulgence....why can't we, the superior human race, indulge a bagel with creamcheese or eggs with bacon? It is an abuse to our bodies. Once you swallow, see what happens...Your body starts working on digesting...and digesting and digesting....for hours long...for indulgence...if you like to indulge, why not indulge your stomach, so it can rest a couple hours for a change?

>From Sarma:

Eat crap = feel like crap.  Eat fruit = feel fresh and yummy.  Eat chemicals = get weird diseases.  Eat natural = be naturally healthy, like we're supposed to be.  Eat raw = live long.  And feel happy. 

P.S. I uploaded lots of pictures from Organico...Enjoy when you have time...

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