Thursday, March 08, 2007

Viktoras and Happiness

Viktoras Kulvinskas is moving to Montezuma in a couple months...Its pretty cool to be living in the same town with a guy who started sunflower sprouts...He is a good friend of Jose and gifted me his famous book,  Survival in the 21st Century. Highly recommended...He also liked the avocado ice-cream and said "actually it is quite excellent"...that makes me happy!
A review from his book on happiness:
A surprising section talks about being happy. Those who condition their happiness (or unhappiness) on accomplishing (or not) their desires are generally unhappy (this is demonstrated pseudo statistically). A superior state ( i.e. happy more time) is to be come happy when things come your way, and stay cool if they don't or things are neutral. Those who don't depend on any wish (i.e. get a car, get a TV, etc.) are happy at any time. No wonder religions preach : give all/everything and you will have everything.



Happiness said...

Super posting!

Habitually Happy people choose their mood and their attitude, they know how they like to feel.

They try to be their best all the time, and their best is a happy person. Their happiness goal becomes a sort of role for them that is real and authentic because it is THEIR best self.

Revolt and rebellion are important to happiness. Don't let outside circumstances dominate or control you or define your mood. Instead, decide how you want to feel!

Hope this helps! For more ideas on how to live a happy life see

Michele Moore, author of
How To Live A Happy Life -
101 Ways To Be Happier

ProfitSecrets said...

Hi there,
i'm trying to get a hold of Viktoras -- he never answers his email and all his phone numbers are disconnected.

We got a hold of his videos and think he is amazing. My mother is very sick and we need his help.

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Any help would be great !!!

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