Thursday, March 08, 2007

From San Jose

One of the benefits of being in San Jose is enjoying fast speed internet....It is amazing how much we take things granted like the cell phone or the internet....Once you move away from it, day by day the importance fades away, it becomes a nice to have but not really a necessity...I kept telling myself that I can't live without a phone...Well, I had to....and I did fine..It is really hard not to have any phone, I could have gone without a cell phone if I had a lan line, but it takes at least 2 years to get one...It is important for the business to have a phone and I am fortunate to have a great neighbor,  Armando, who bought me a new cell phone because my mother was so upset that she had no way of reaching me...Now I have a new phone...Armando, I love you! If you ever come to Montezuma, you have to meet him! Delphin II ROCKS!

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Are you in San Jose now?
I'm in San Francisco.
If you have a time, why don't we meet somewhere??
I gonna be here till this Friday.