Friday, January 12, 2007

Papaya Ice Cream!

Sooooooooo good! and icy!!! Ice cream is selling well and I am adding organic banana split to the menu with homemade banana ice-cream. We ran out of cacao though....So need to figure out a way to make chocolate sauce.
Best part of this job is to meet really nice people! Patty, she is a vegan chef from Reno, promised me to send some recipes, so if you are reading this, don't forget!
A yoga group is coming for breakfast everyday next week. I need to type a menu for them. All is good! I sold a tiramisu and a berrymisu to a restaurant and they loved it. But since they didnt even negotiate on the price, Tom's wife Carol told me that I asked for too little. $9 for a big cake...Uggghghhghg! Learning, learning, learning....


country girl said...

I just discovered your blog. Sounds like you might be in Costa Rica. We are planning our second trip there for early March and are looking for out-of-the way funky places to eat and stay. What city are you in in Costa Rica?

Sassy said...

Hi Ozlem!

Patty (aka Sassy) here, from Reno. We just got back home on Thursday night, after spending 18 glorious days in CR. Haven't even had time to unpack yet, and so I still have a touch of Costa Rica close by...most notably in the oceany scent of the clothes. ;o)

It was a pleasure to meet you, and to experience your beautiful smile. Organico is just adorable. LOVE the pink! We have a great pic of Jeff (hubby) eating on your porch with your cool sign in the background. And your staff was so friendly. So happy you gave me your blog addy so I can read all about your adventures!! Glad your Mom showed up -- there's NOTHING like Mom, and I hope she's able to hang with you for a while!!!

I'd be happy to send you the recipes I promised, but can't figure out where to send them. Is there an email addy attached to this blog?