Thursday, January 25, 2007

Especial de Hoy!

Sopa de Amor

Mama's especial...Un sopa frio perke aki muy caliente:).Thats all for
my spanish for now...Don't laugh but I think I am learning
spanish...At least I can get away with basic conversation...Its been
only two months, so not that bad for a new comer...

I am so proud of my mother...She was so afraid of bugs last
night...Apparently she didnt even think about bugs before coming to
Costa Rica...helloooo tropics???? Anyway, we had a guest waiting for
us in the bathroom and I was so tired I went to sleep right away...She
bugged me to take the huge spider out from the sink, so she could go
to the bathroom, but I simply could not open my eyes...She tried to
scare the spider by sprinkling water from 100 m away, and of course
that didn't work...We had to bury the little guy...Then she went to
take a shower and there was another amigo!

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