Monday, January 15, 2007


TAMALES! con banana papel! Tamales (with banana paper) are a Costa
Rican treat and I wanted to make myself since a vegetarian version is
unheard of here in Costa Rica. Some local friends even laughed at me
but oh well, I kept asking....Gilberto, he is the most friendly taxi
driver here, found me a lady, Teresa, and today she had them ready...I
asked Gilberto a week ago or so and we never talked since....Today, I
called Gilberto to take me back to Montezuma from Cobano, and he said
he has a surprise for me...We drove to the woman's house and I bought
18 tamales or 9 pinas (2 pairs). They are stuffed with garbanzo beans,
rice, green beans and carrots...she also has a boiled egg version...I
am so happy!!!

Tomorrow's special, Tamales de Teresa! and what a perfect timing...we
are almost out of the veggie burgers (the food processor broke down
twice, poor baby is so tired, we can not find a new belt anywhere
close by).....

Got to revise the menu again....

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