Sunday, December 10, 2006

It all about pink!

It is all going amazing. We finished painting inside, almost done with outside. I am planning to open by Friday. I was shooting for December 15th, and it may really be happening! I have never painted this much in my life, and I hate hate hate the details, taping, edges...Those chairs are killing me....At some point I gave up and let Maritzio take over. He is so patient...(surf expert)...Tiana also finished the sign today. It is absolutely fantastic...I am really not exaggerating. I wish I could share the pictures. Hopefully soon....
I need to get going with baking and fine tuning the menu, things are a little bit rough with a new kitchen and a new oven. I baked my signature vegan mint cake last night, and it turned out great. Then, I baked oatmeal cookies and burnt chocolate chips today...I need an oven thermometer...I am happy, very very happy...So far, everyone seems so open to the idea, having a changing menu, vegetarian food, shakes....One thing that upset me the most is, I dont have the ice-cream maker anymore. I wanted to make sorbets....We can't always get what we want, but I got my own CAFE and that is plenty! I am so dirty right now, I need to leave this place and hope for a ride to take me up home...
Hasta Luego!


Nihan said...

Herseyin yolunda gitmesine cok sevindim. Resimleri heyecan ve merakla bekliyorum.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
We've been reading your posts just to see what what our baker has been up too. You sound so busy, but settling in. It sounds like you are open now?

Make sure you post pictures of you surfing! Rod just took kite surfing lessons and loved it!
Cindy & Rod