Friday, December 08, 2006

I got the keys!

I got the keys to Organico! Now the board says "Organico Coming Soon!"
I started at 8 and now it is 8pm. I had lunch for 30 minutes and worked non-stop. We tried our first meal, Gallo Pinto con Arroz Integral...Gallo Pinto is a typical Costa Rican food, rice with pinto beans. I will serve it with scrambled eggs but will use brown rice instead of white. Margerie, she is Costa Rican and my first employee got terrified when she heard brown rice. She has never cooked with brown rice before. So our first trial was ok. I liked it though, so it will be better as we continue practicing. We are painting tomorrow, so went up to Cobano and bought paint. I salute people who pick colors....It is extremely hard to decide...So many shades, so many combinations...I got some, will see how it will work out. Dagmar, Maritzio and Tiana are helping me paint tomorrow...We are having a party!!!!
After I picked the paint today, I came down to the cafe and started scraping the old paint. I have 8 tables and each table has 4 legs! It took me an hour to do one. We got an acid to remove the paint...I had no idea how to use this stuff so in two minutes all my skin was burning. Luckly my next door neighbor, Armando had some plastic gloves and he gave them without hesitation. I only met him today. In two minutes he came out with a brush in his hand and started to help me with the scraping. Tiana came down to talk about the paint and the sign and Armando finished cleaning all the tables. It is amazing to be around people who offer to help without any expectations. A piece of good quality chocolate helps too:)))
Same thing with Roger, he is another amazing guy from England who leaves on the beach. He plays guitar and does all kinds of artwork. He found a piece for wood for me on the beach to the sign. He helped me to build the lamps....And all this is happening so easy, I am just riding the wave. I love it. I am so grateful to the universe....
About my cough, I found Daniel Frankson in San Jose. He is the most amazing human being I have ever met in my life. Seriously, no one has touched my heart this deep in such a short time, I am speeches. The cough is almost gone and he has opened my eyes so much. He spent 2 hours with me and we did motion therapy, polarity and acupuncture. I am going to San Jose to meet with him again. Life is really fun, it is challenging and exciting. Just the way I wanted it to be!
Pura Vida!!!!

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