Tuesday, December 26, 2006

another day

We made veggie burgers today...It is pure vegetables, no soy or dairy...A few days ago, I tried the recipe on the back of the soya packs and it was so awful, even the dogs didnt eat it..Lesson learned, I listened to Jose, and made it from plantains, beets, carrots and peppers. Now, I am working on a bread, because there is no wholewheat burger breads available here. I made a batch 10 minutes ago and they came out as dinner rolls...round and puffy...
I met Jose here, he had his raw food restaurant in San Jose (Costa Rica) for 7 years and now he is planning to retire here. He only eats raw food and critizes me for eating dead, rotten food, even it is vegetables. He is pretty far out and I have hard time explaning him that I am not planning to be a 100% raw food restaurant (at least for a while). So, he is helping me with ideas, how to get organized, recipes, he knows the cheap local produce and even showed me where I can find free ginger...He also discovered that I left the gas open for a couple hours...Pretty serious...
I posted a sign for "help wanted", I am no longer looking for a partner. Partnership is hard, I know myself, I would drive the other person crazy..So, I have me, I can do this by myself if I can hire good people. So, now the sign is help wanted...Anyone looking for a job?
We are running out of avocados so fast...I added Amor Avocado to the menu, as an open faced sandwich...Toasted wholewheat bread, avocado and seasalt...Yo hombre!
Yo hablar espanol muy perfecto! Nessesito mucho pratikar:) Mucho cliente entiende ingles so no problemo!
Back to work, I am usually at the cafe from 7 in the morning to 10 at night...it is a long day but there is so much to do....
Another special on the drinks menu is Amor Stefy, named after a customer...I am in love with beets here...They are sooooo amazing and good for you and that color, is just to die for!
I got another order for a birthday cake...December 31st...New Years is coming, 2007 will be soooo amazing, can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Help Wanted!!! For a second I dreamed of getting away from my cubicle for good, running to the airport and flying over there, working in your kitchen from daylight to midnight, my son would grow strong under the sun and have me around all the time - ahhh what a dream. Then I remembered: I am really not very good in the kitchen and I don't know any Spanish. It was a good moment while it lasted. Good luck Baking Fairy, we will have to keep reading your adventures with my family over here in NJ.


Dilek... said...

Merhaba Fairy, plantain'den yaptigin veggie burger tarifini cok merak ettim. Hatta iletini okudugum gun alisverise cikmistim ki, gayri ihtiyari iki plantain almisim :) Hayatimda ilk kez aldigim bu meyveyi (yoksa sebze mi) degerlendirmemde yardimci olursun umarim. Bu arada, iyi yillar!

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