Wednesday, December 06, 2006

From San Jose

San Jose reminds me of Istanbul, before I left for San Francisco...I wanted to be away from Istanbul, now I am back 7 years...Taxi drivers are very nice here though, they dont ask where you are going, they take you even if it is a short ride...

I am here for lawyer stuff also have to start buying ingredients because I am taking over officially by next week. Between now and next week, I will start baking and changing the menu, redecorating, reorganizing, ect...That is the fun part...So, I thought I could buy a couple ingredients here and take it with me. I did some comparison shopping, AutoMercodo (like safeway), Saecco(maybe like Cala Foods, thought I found things cheaper here) and Pricemart (costco)...Pricemart was dissapointing because I couldnt find a good juicer or salad bowls...I need salad bowls. The current place dont have any. Costa Rica is famous for its wood bowls but they are expensive, 30 a piece...I dont want to pay that much, maybe I should, I dont know what is reasonable investment....wood at least wont break but I am confused....Universe bring me some good salad bowls.. I was happy to find a big bag of Ghiraldelli Chocolate though....Chocolate chip cookies!!!!

Meanwhile I am fighting with summer cold....Painful... Really mean one, but it is getting better. The hard part is the cough that keeps me awake. I dont like taking medicine and with my "entiendo poco esponol" phrase, I dont see myselfy in a healers office...So I relied on fresh mint tea with lemon. Nada! Cough is taking over my lungs, I am taking over this hotel...I have to admit, it is nice to be in a home, away from bugs and mosquitos:))) Mom started to think I have a issues with Costa Rican weather (!), so I needed to get better immediately to prove her wrong:)

I emailed Sarah and she was very kind to send me some tips to heal bad cough. And today, I broke down and went to a pharmacy, bought Perebron. I also wanted to get Aloe Juice, but the pharmacist sent me to this natural herbs store 100 meters away. I found the aloe and also something with eucalyptus for broncolito and fenugreek for the lungs...Happly went back to the pharmacy and tried to explain with my spanish that I didnt want the Perebron anymore . He got so mad....(reminds me of Turkey again, this probably not true anymore but it was 7 years ago)...Good thing I dont know much spanish, I didnt let him get away with my C4,000 paid in cash because he didn't have any electricity...

Fenugreek tastes horrible, but it works...Feeling better already. A new day, so many dreams can come true today! Going back to Montezuma in a few hours.

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Can said...

Gecmis olsun Ozlem'cim... Ozlettin kendini. SFte kulaklarini cinlatiyoruz arada.