Saturday, March 21, 2009

cucharacha on me!

yay! I got a cucharacha! I love it, i found this thing in the market
and never knew they are called cucharachas in Costa Rica...super fun
to see people laugh, mostly locals of course. I went back to the store
3 times and bought the rest for my good friend Meche from Tzu Han, the
Taiwanese vegetarian restaurant, Christina, and another girl, friend
of Maria, who loved it so much...

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melissa said...

hey honey! hadn't checked in for awhile, am glad to see you doing well and cooking even MORE yumlicious goods! hard to believe last year at this time we were plotting to come see you. Has it been that long?! you're missed here, but can imagine you jumping for joy on the trampoline in the morning, pre-heat wave. keep smiling!!