Tuesday, May 15, 2007

take that off my face!

I had the most bizarre conversation with Bazo, who told me what the
hell I am thinking that I come here and in four months act like I own
the place (which is a fact not an act), I see him smaller than me
(bullshit) and have guts to ask him to do me a favor.

Favor defined: Remove your sign from my front wall that I pay the rent
for! It took me months to ask him, don't ask me why, I was shy,
stupid, afraid, didn't want to hurt him but at the end of the day, one
thing lead to another and the more quiet I was, the more entitled he

I am shocked but I was warned about him but you know me, I just wish
for the best, hoping everyone is nice....Bullshit! It is a wake up
call for me...So now, lets see what will happen. He was so mad, said
he will take the issue to the landlord and doesn't want me in the
local...I am excited to see how this will play along...Will keep you
posted and I am not afraid.

Just a ps...it is not easy to be a single woman in Costa Rica...Hence
the machete:) http://bakingfairy.blogspot.com/2007/05/i-am-blending-in.html

PSS: I have to write about Nan, tomorrow...She was my neighbor for 5
weeks and I had the best ever time with her. She was an angel, retired
from the military and filled me in on many top secret information that
I can not share with you all:) More stories about Nan...I promise they
are muuuuuch more fun!


Sud Ram said...

Hi there, I found your blog by searching for Tony Samara and suddenly I see names of our big family in this blog! Avani, Martim, Reina, Tony...

Martim is now in spain with his daughter Maya. I am currently with Maya's mother, Indira, expecting the new baby to arrive at any time :)

Don't worry about neighbours, the best thing to do is to show goodwill, offer him something he might like such as a cake maybe?


Sud Ram

Organico said...

wow...I know you already...Reina is here, she decided to stay in Montezuma for a month or so...I am planning to join the next retreat...Blessings and love to Maya and the new baby. Unfortunately, goodwill doesn't work with abusers. I learned it the hard way, loads of cakes and cookies and meals and I got a slap on my face. Only love is real but only a few can feel it.

Sud Ram said...

Too bad with the neighbour...

If you want something to read, I posted a short story of mine recently on my blog. It takes place in Costa Rica sometime in the future :)

It's called Gone! you can find it in the links section in PDF format.