Sunday, May 06, 2007

Slow days

Its been really slow these days, it is stressing me out...So strange,
all this time I wanted to rest a little and now that I can take time
for myself, I am a little lost in what to do...Of course there are
tons of things to do but you know when you are going going going and
then suddenly stop, I am now thinking, wait a minute...It is kinda too
early to think like this, its been only -6 months! Wow!

I watched Pursuit of Happyness last night. The fact that it takes
place in San Francisco made me homesick, yes I do miss home a lot, but
at the same time, how grateful I am to be away from that rat race.

Living this close to nature and its beauty, the clean air, the blue
ocean, the bright green palm trees, mangoes falling down the trees,
ants going up and down on the little trails, crabs all over Montezuma,
trying to find a safe place to lay eggs, monkeys jumping up and down
on my roof (!), it is really magical here.

I am headed to a hammock, with a new book Tiana gifted me, Cave in the
Snow. Its about a woman who became a Buddhist and lived in a cave.

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Anonymous said...

I read and presented a power point presentation on Cave in the Snow. :D I'm enjoying spending my evening reading your blogs! If I knew you needed help from time to time at Organico, I would have totally gave my assistance! I love people like you and I hope to one day create something as special as you have.