Friday, March 24, 2006

What would you wish from the Baking Fairy?

I really can't decide what to bake in between thousands of posts I read daily and star for future reference (see my starred items from Google Reader) and the cookbooks I keep accumulating. Even if I manage to decide on something, I can't deal with the delivery of the leftover cookies, cakes, cupcakes and I end up either throwing them away (sorry!) or keep sending them to a black hole somewhere in South Bay.

So, here is my new idea; you will help me decide what to bake and I will post about your recipe and even send you a sample to try. Yes, I will even ship to Turkey. I will collect the requests weekly and then decide on one item and bake it. You can email me @ or even better you be creative and send me an Odeo! Just click on the link below and wish from the Baking Fairy with your sweet voice!

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