Monday, March 13, 2006

Not so brightly colored matcha-almond cookies!

I went to a weird party last weekend: Middle Name Pride Party. Ugh? My name is hard to remember as it is, and I didn't want to create any more confusion and simply wrote "Ask me in Turkish!" on my name tag..Yeah, they even had name tags:) I knew these guys Brett and Chad through Eric and was pretty sure that they didn't know anyone Turkish. Opps, I was wrong! In about an hour, this guy came up to me and started blurbing some funny noises...I must had a weird face trying to figure out what was going on and he repeated "orta adin ne?" That is how I met the famous Turk, Orkut!

I promised Chad to bring some "brightly colored" baked goods and thought I could do something matcha, green-tea powder. Well, you can't really see that vibrant green, I know; I learnt my lesson as well. My cookies lost their color when baked, but still, they were quite a hit! Thank you Brett!! It was a rainy Saturday well spent in baking. ( oh, I also baked these chocolate cookies; you can't get possibly get any brighter than M&Ms, right?)

The original recipe is from Grab Your Fork and I added a small twist by sandwiching them with almond-matcha filling. I had Solo Brand almond filling at home and mixed 3 tablespoons with a teaspoon of matcha powder, very simple!

The hardest part, as always, is taking the pictures, so in case you are curious on the number of different angles one can possibly photograph a cookie, feel free to check out the pictures on Flickr!

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