Thursday, March 23, 2006

Three thumbs up: Apple Pie

I was up in Tahoe with about a dozen people last weekend, totally unprepared with nothing even planned to be baked. Soooooooo unacceptable for the Baking Fairy! And of course, the idea of store bought cookies for dessert haunted me all day on the slopes! Goodness! I kept thinking about all the recipes on 101Cookbooks, my favorite blog. I adore Heidi, her writing, her creations, her photos, Wayne... I can easily say I am addicted because I can list all her recipes from my mental blog already. Scary but you have to admit it comes handy on occasions like this:)

Somewhere on the Nevada side, I finally settled on her Apple Pie. Only if I had planned this earlier, I could have brought my precious apple machine, but oh well, peeling, coring and cutting 2 pounds of apples are all very relaxing tasks after 6 hours of skiing, who I am kidding, that part sucked! But in the end, it turned out great even we bought the crust and I didn't have all my tools.

Three thumbs up! Yay!

P.S: It also helped to have a real pro chef in the house and my new Fairy Wand, (thank you all, I do feel VERY appreciated!)

Note to self: Baking is so much fun when there are other people around. I should do something about this soon! *wink *wink:)

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