Friday, August 27, 2010

Green Juice for a Sparkling Glow

Green juice is a great way to get some vibrant life energy! I used to drink almost two liters everyday in Montezuma, since I am in San Jose and I don't have juicer, I've been slacking and simply relying on big green salads. The truth is it is never enough, the amount of greens and alkalizing power we get from the greens we eat in a salad. Juicing really supports our intake of vital vitamins and energy. It also shows directly with my mood. Green Juice picks me up! It makes me feel light, energetic and super vibrant. So, today I did a research for a green juice recipe without a juicer and found out that I can just blend all the greens and add a glass of water and enjoy it as is. You can also strain it, but I do want to get the fiber from this delicious drink and it just looks too good to throw away. If I were juice fasting, that is another story.

So, super easy, just blend 2 cucumbers, peel the skin if not organic, handful of spinach, handful of your favorite herbs, i put cilantro, two celery stalks with the greens and a cup of water. Blend it all. Add one lemon juice. Cumin would also work great, ginger of course is so warming and helps to get a warming feeling especially when it is not super hot. It is raining non-stop in San Jose right now.

Here are the five benefits of greens:
  1. Chlorophyl
  2. Trace minerals (magnesium, iron, calcium)
  3. Vegetable Protein
  4. Enzymes
  5. Alkalizing Power
Try to add this drink to your daily diet. You can still eat your favorite chocolate, pasta or smoothie. It is just a support to your body to show how much you love yourself and care about yourself. Watch the magic, see your skin glow, your eyes sparkle and your heart melt! Just with a glass of juice a day!

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