Thursday, June 26, 2008


These people are heaven sent. I am so grateful to the universe, it is incredible. One of the nicest groups ever and they love the cafe, they love the food, I love them. Well, I feel pretty up in the air because some people even came up to me and said I make the best food they had in their lives. There are four amazing kids and they dig the icecream. I get so much pleasure feeding people. One love, we are one. I am so happy.

Check out the website, the cloths are fantastic too!


Anonymous said...

I have a beautiful picture of your banana and fruit crepe breakfasts. I had to take the picture, it was just toooo pretty! I will send it to you. It was so amazingly good and is still one of my best memories of Montezuma! Do you ship your food to Ohio? lol!

Anonymous said...
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