Thursday, March 27, 2008


Everything takes time here, toooooo long. I am not a patient person
and I know I need to be a little more tranquila, but it is damn
difficult to become a tortuga..Excuse my spanglish! I have a new space
that I want to turn into a lounge, juice bar and its been a month that
we are trying to get it going. It is so hard to work alone and
everyone on the other side...I still don't know when to scream, so
instead I continue to shout at the ocean and scream underwater and box
with the air...It is not helping...AHhghghghhg! My sister today told
me that I am fighting against the universe and pushing things too
hard, instead of accepting the reality that I don't belong here...She
is right...I really want to go home. Yes!


G.O. said...

I am waiting for you my darling.. don't think to change your mind agian!!!!! u belong to meee! hahaha

Anonymous said...

We have missed you alot. It is time to come back home. You have already showed that you had what it took to survive. You have done it. It is time to cash in your education, professional and personal experience at home.

Enyor your life at home. You have a very promissing future here at home. I am sure I will see you as a big shot executive within 5years or less. Just enjoy the privilages little bit. You are very special....Just come home....

Anonymous said...

check this web site:
She is planning to move to Canada and close the business!!

Anonymous said...


Kizim Mayista geliyormussun diye duydum. yani Melih te olmasa nefes aliyormusun almiyormusun bilemeyecem hani, YUH!Kim oldugumu soylememe gerek yok herhal

pixen said...

Wait till you are in China... :-P The word sounds the same but different tone make it different meaning!

Even myself tongue tied each time I tried to speak Mandarin... :-D