Saturday, June 09, 2007

if you work a lot...

Like 16 hours a day, your body might think you are dead already. I
have been very sick for the last 8 days. I came down with fever and
pain in my right side on Saturday. I made it to san jose after a 4
hour bus ride and 2 hour ferry snooze, half dead. It sucks so bad to
sick, to have no one around...however i was fortunate to have arranged
the trip to Panama with Reina. She took care of me like I am her
daughter. I felt so much loved and cared it was touching. we stay with
Kati and Mark, who are also angels who watched over me in 30 minute
intervals, Mark made me herbal remedies, Kati prepared cleansing
drinks and Reina did reiki nights after nights. i know I am lucky,
blessed, have good karma.

After day three my fewer didnt go away and we started to get a little
worried. i hated the idea of going to medical doctor, i don't trust
them, i don't trust the system and i don't have the money to pay for
the bills. Reina found a Chinese doctor. His name is Dr. Chen and he
is a miracle men. He is very scary, serious, a little funny looking
and he started touching me really strong and I was so weak I could
take it. From the little Spanish we spoke, we figured I have infection
in my internal organs that could lead to an urgent operation. He gave
me a Chinese tea, which tastes sooooooooooo bad, and I have to finish
the entire bottle if i don't want an operation.

Fever is gone in the following two days and the pain is almost gone
now. I feel so much better, very tired but still much happier. I can
only eat over-cooked rice in water with nothing, apple and thats it
but no complains. I have had so much to eat, I am sick of cooking and
baking and food anyways. I am shocked that my body stopped me from
working so much this quick, but i have worked so much, so long with so
much stress, what do i expect? I am not sure what I will do, how I
will adjust or even go back to Montezuma. Right now, I am dowloading
Battlestar Gallactica.

ps: Organico is open though, my good friends Larry and Marlen were on
board this whole time:)


Anonymous said...

Dear Queen of the Baking Fairies! I am very happy and relieved to know you are feeling so much better now! Such a scary situation, but it speaks highly of the incredible person you are to have such wonderful and devoted friends to help you through such a crisis!
Blessings to you and to them! Nan

Anonymous said...

It is good to hear you feel better.

Saludos Jorge.

Nihan said...

Neden bana hasta oldugunu yazmadin. Yapabilecegim birsey var mi? Ne bileyim sana buradan ilac yollayayim mi? Annenlere soyledin mi?
Battlestar Galactica'yi bir tek ben seviyorum saniyordum, degilmisim mutlu oldum...

Anonymous said...

Zozimmmm geçmiş olsun birtanem.. Kendini bu kadar yorma nolursun.. Çinliler de en sonunda bir işe yaradılar sevindim. Kendine çok iyi bak nolursun.

country girl said...

Your entry scared me. Pain and fever sounds like an appendicitis; but I've experienced the healing of Chinese medicine. I'm glad you are on the mend.