Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dinner Special!

Since Reina introduced me to rice crackers and avocados with curry on
top, I have been having the same thing for dinner, almost like a daily
ritual! I'm addicted! Her original creation has garlic on the base, if
I am not too lazy, I also like it with garlic but some nights I am
just hungry and go without it. It is so wonderful and fulfilling...

Not much is different at Organico, the town is empty and it makes it
difficult to keep motivated. Though I discovered a new drink on a
little piece of paper. I think Larry wrote it but I haven't got a
confirmation. Passion fruit, banana, mango with almond milk. It is
sooo good. Almond milk so expensive here so I am going to sell it with
soy milk instead.

Meantime, I am trying to get a better idea of my costs, pricing and
menu items. I am back in front of the computer, working with
numbers...There is no escape! I think Ev once wrote it, if you can't
measure it, you can't improve it. So true.


Anonymous said...


A littel off topic. I want to know about your experience with Daniel Frankson. I am considering to go, but I want to have some feelback from other patiences. Can you give you e-mail?


Anonymous said...

sure, it is daniel is great!