Sunday, April 01, 2007

I am tired...

ran away from the cafe to take a half hour break...its been a couple
days since I sat down and I am very tired...Good news all is going
well...but being open for dinner is pushing it a little too much.
Larry is fantastic and he is still showing up to work on time and
stopped complaining about lack of high-end professional equipment...We
are making progress! Now I am trying to convince him to do raw food a
little bit, he is trying to convince me to add non-organic options at
lower prices...Business side of this deal is really hard...and I am
not even spending any time on that...I trust the universe that things
will work out fine for me. Its been fantastic so far....

Now looking for a lemon tahini dressing recipe...This week is Semana
Santa, (easter) so I will be open all week long...

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