Monday, April 23, 2007

Eat right for your blood type

Isabel is a fantastic woman, a belly dancer, scientist with a phd,
ex-hippie who lived in Berkeley at the time. She gifted me a wonderful
book about blood type nutrition. The book got my attention right away
because the personality profile for Type A is sooooo me. It is a huge
research and you should check it out for yourself....Excellent
information to fight all kinds of illnesses...what each blood type
should eat, should avoid, ect...

My Type A friends out there, here is the worst news...No papaya, no
mango, no bananas, no cashews, no tomatoes and no garbanzo beans and
no wheat...Probably 90% of the food I used to have in the last 4
months is a no-no on my blood type. Rest makes sense with my natural
choices anyways, no meat, no potatoes, no red peppers no oranges ( I
never liked orange juice)...I am still in shock. However, I have
avocados and coconut, black berries, black beans and walnuts as
beneficial...I will try for some time to avoid these and see if I feel
any different...

I am also supposed to have a lot of green tea...Not much around in
Costa Rica, except for my personal collection of Green Tea Kombucha
from Yogi Tea and Lupicia Tokio from a care package I received from my
friends Christine, Marc, Matthew and Madeline.


Nihan said...

Canim ben bu "eat right for your type" olayiyla daha uni'deyken tanismistim, bana yumurta falan yememek cok zor gelmisti en basta ama su anki semi-vejeteryan beslenme aliskanliklarimin temelinde bu beslenme sekli yatar...

Anonymous said...

surely we can't be so strict on ourselves? if we were, would life ever be the same? no more little pleasures? no more feelings of incredible bliss while eating the forbidden fruit? i would feel utterly miserable. take care.