Thursday, February 22, 2007

another employee gone...

This is sooo hard...Angela left today...I didn't fire her, but I was
really upset...There we were so busy, she already took tomorrow and
saturday off (busiest days in the week), I find her sitting outside,
writing recipes with her friend from the next door restaurant. I could
not believe it. Since mom left, there is no one at the cafe other than
me, so it makes it difficult to go between the kitchen and the
cafe...I asked her with my soooo limited spanish a little upset and
then she was upset and started to make faces and spoke so fast that I
didn't even understand a word, except she said no mas trabahar...I
said, that's bueno!...she probably cursed at me too...Oh well....What
is worse, she had a notebook with all the recipes and she tore every
single page because she didn't want to leave it behind. I could not
believe it...

Now a group of 15 people are coming for breakfast next week....It will
be so much fun...I love this action! Some help would be good though,
but please, only if you love preparing food....[por favor]

Meantime, interesting things are happening...His name is Johnny
Menesis...He comes to town from San Jose every thursday, brings
flowers, lettuce, spinach, baby green, sprouts, anything
you ask him to buy from the supermarket, like coconut oil or
cacao...He buys and you pay him the cost plus 10%...very expensive but
it makes such big deal to see him with organic cocoa....

This week, he even bought a big tent for me...10 meters by 3
meters...The biggest investment I made since I bought the cafe...I had
to...In the mornings, there is so much sun, my tables outside are
almost useless...Especially with the new group coming, I had to do
something...Armando is helping tomorrow to put it up.

And of course the ice-cream love is going on...Phil also sent me 3
books and they arrived yesterday. It is so nice to get mail here...It
makes me so emotional, I feel like I am not alone...Anyway, today's
hit inspired from the new ice-cream books was Mint Chocolate Chip...of
course non dairy, non sugar....It is so fantastic, even Jose asked for
a second scoop....I am going a little crazy with the ice-cream
selection though...Today we had Banana, Blackberry, Avocado, Mint
Chocolate Chip, Pineapple and Coconut...

Tomorrow I like to try Green Tea!!!!!!!!


Nihan said...

Yani inanamiyorum. Bazi insanlar gercekten kotu kalpli oluyorlar galiba

G.O. said...

sekerim bizde burda Angela'nin pineapple ve coconutli marmeladini yiyip duruyoduk bak sen su kizin yaptigina!! :) bosver sekerim Never Look Back Darling! I love you so much!! and I want your icecreamsss!!! I can work for free to eat your icecreams!!! mcuk mcuk

Anonymous said...

how 'bout ginger ice cream?

Anonymous said...

what a bitch! saclarini yolaydin ya

Naturally Connected said...

I can totally relate to the fast speaking spanish frustration. We only lost water one day during the year I was in CR, but electricity outages were much more frequent. Keep smiling!

Unknown said...

I dont trust this Johnny character , just fyi
mcuk mcuk