Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Have a cookie, sweat it and ask for the second one in SPANISH!

I am in desperate need of learning Spanish and Jason's gift vocabulary book for ages 3+  was my one and only tool, until Lane introduced me to Connect 18. The concept is very San Francisco, 2 birds with one stone, but has a solid hypothesis behind it:
It is a Spanish class with a twist...you are in a gym and sitting on bikes, yup you get the idea, it is a spinning class! Apparently, our ability to learn increases when our bodies are physically challenged. So, while spinning around Mexico, I was able to count to 10 and ask my fellow biker what her favorite food was in Spanish! Impressive huh??? No joking, from the Outside Magazine:
It's smart multitasking, sure, but according to Connect18 (the company says its name alludes to the number of inches between the heart and brain), the underlying premise that exercise improves mental acuity is also sound science: Research in the 2004 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, which studied adults over age 60, suggests moderate aerobic training yields a big mental boost. And a 2003 report by the University of Georgia's Phillip Tomporowski found improvements in reaction time, decision making, and cognition during and after aerobic activities...
They are also featured today at Daily Candy. You should check it out. They are in San Francisco now but coming to LA, NY and Chicago soon...The first class is FREE and I highly recommend it!

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