Sunday, January 22, 2006

First Bread Ever

First Bread Ever
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I am amazed how this bread turned out. I rarely like* what I bake, but this bread was awesome. Since I came back from the Vipassana Course and the Freestone bakery, I was looking for bread recipes. Compared to cakes and cookies, baking bread is really hard and very much time consuming. It needs lots of love and patience, easier said than done...who has 6 hours to spend at home on a two day weekend? Well, I was already home baking for the shower cake, so I thought I might as well try a bread recipe as well...

It took me 2 days, from start to the end but when I tasted it, I could not believe how crusty and rustic this bread was. I used the Torpido 10 grain recipe from the Bread Bible book as a base and changed it a little. When Phil was visiting SF, he encouraged me to improvise a little (!), so I made some changes since I didn't have all grains at home. Here are the basic steps I followed for the last two days:

1) Ferment the sponge overnight
2) Soak the grains in water overnight
3) Mix the dough
4) Rest the dough for 30 minutes
5) Mix the grains
6) 1st rising-2 hours
7) Punch the dough
8) 2nd rising- 1 hour
9) Shape the dough
10) Final rising-1 hour
11) Score and bake! (30-35 minutes)
12) Take the bread on a wire rack and immediately leave the house so you won't eat the entire bread before it cools!

I am really getting better at this:)

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