Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Persimmon Date Coffee Cake

I posted in Turkish earlier today for the 4th Food Blogging event organized by Melda. The theme of the month was "dates" and I was determined to bake something, despite a choppy start:)

First, I bought persimmons! Don't laugh. Those of you who are not fluent in Turkish yet (!), persimmons and dates are called the same thing in Turkish; luckily I found this recipe that has both dates and persimmons so problem solved!

Second, my plan was to bake on Sunday and take photos during daylight. However, chit chatting with Ozlem was fun and we stayed up pretty late. I had to squeeze baking to Monday night and obviously I missed the daylight. Call me a food photo snob, but, I hate taking food pictures at night. They just don't look nice. So, I had to take pictures right after the bootcamp this morning, upload them on Flickr and barely made the deadline, but I had to skip my coffee stop-ughghghhgh!

I brought some of it to work and my former Atkin's friendly team liked them a lot! Here is the recipe, I got it from David Lebovitz.


P.S. Having a deadline totally makes things more exciting and there is a dessert contest at work this Friday! Wish me luck:)


Anonymous said...


We just loved your site! Sana e-mail ile ulasmaya calistim ama no luck. Blog Kardesligi'ne katilmak ister misin? Normalde comment ile davet etmeyiz ama bu sefer dayanamadim :) Sayfamizda butun bilgiler var. Biz bir Turkce ve Turkler tarafindan yazilan bloglar komunitesiyiz.

Cupcakeler tam yemelik!!


Anonymous said...

Bende ing. tariflerinin türkçelerinide yazmanı isterdim


Baking Fairy said...

Leyla, hangi tarifin turkcesini istersen bana yaz, hemen ceviriyim senin icin.

GeoFan49 said...
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